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Three Steps to Preparing a Marketing Plan for 2022

It’s December 2021 –what is the status of your marketing plan for 2022? Many business owners find that preparing a marketing plan falls to the bottom of their “TO DO” lists –becoming crowded out by day-to-day operations, the financial management of running the business, and scurrying to handle a plethora of challenges caused by the pandemic and supply chain issues.

If this is you – don’t despair!  We’ve broken it out into three simple steps:

  1. Analyze the performance of your marketing in 2021 – compare it to what you planned.
    1. What worked well?
    2. What failed, and why?
    3. Are there areas that can be improved upon?
  2. Evaluate the competitive marketplace.
    1. What is my competition doing in the marketing space?
    2. Are there new marketing methods my competition is using that I should be doing?
    3. Are there new marketing methods my competition is NOT using that I could leverage?
  3. Determine your 2022 marketing budget
    1. What are my business goals for 2022?
    2. Does my marketing plan support the ability to achieve my 2022 goals?
    3. How much can I invest in marketing in 2022 to achieve my 2022 business goals?

Set aside a day or two this December to plan for next year.

Many of our clients who are busy have us help them with gathering the information above or have us do a review in order to provide recommendations as they build their plans. We gather the intelligence, put together recommendations, and review with our clients in a series of meetings –taking about 3 hours of their time. If this is something that could help you, reach out to learn more.