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How much do you charge for SEO on my website?

Every day business owners are getting free evaluations of their websites and getting proposals from SEO companies to help them get their websites found.

We get calls from these business owners leading with the question, “How much do you charge for SEO for my website?”.  Before we answer that question…

For most small businesses, particularly those just starting out, the best way for them to grow visibility of their website and gain more new customers is as follows:

  • Build a good customer/prospect/lead database
  • Start an email (and/or) phone campaign to the database
  • Set up google analytics to the website
  • Create a google my business profile (and any other appropriate internet directory listings) and link to the website
  • Create appropriate social media profiles for the business
  • Write content relevant to the business and then post on the website as a blog, create an email from the content, post on your social platforms and link back to the full content on the website

If a business is not doing these things yet… it does not make sense to consider SEO.  These initial actions will automatically help improve their ability to be found through Google, without investing in an SEO company.

Next, every couple of weeks, review the website google analytics to find out which of the platforms are bringing the best potential leads to the website and the business.  Those can be indicators of the avenues to invest in for marketing.

There are some business owners too busy to set up the basics – if you fall into that category and want us to help you manage the above, please call us to see if we can help.

Answering the question…how much do we charge for SEO services for a website?  SEO only makes sense for certain businesses.  Let’s start the conversation to see if it is even worth it for your business to do SEO first. Contact us today.