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Ten No Cost/Low Cost Marketing Tactics you can do RIGHT NOW

Company Slow Down or Temporarily Closed?  Be Ready for More Business…


As a business leader, your world has been impacted in fundamental ways. Many of you have seen your companies temporarily close or slow down considerably. Marketing might not be the top priority right now, but you can prepare for when the stay at home orders are lifted.


What should you do right now, especially with money being tight? Here are ten no or low-cost marketing actions you can take to prepare:


  1. Data ManagementDevelop a Content Calendar

Information you use in your blogs, emails and social media should not happen by accident or because you had time to think about it one afternoon. It should be planned out at least three months in advance. Reach out to us for a standard content calendar template.

Fill in your content calendar with information you want to share such special offers, information relating to seasonality/holidays, new products or services and problems your potential customers may be experiencing that your product/service solves. 


  1. Develop content and use it everywhere

Begin writing the articles/information based on the topics on your content calendar. Once created, you will use an individual piece of content in multiple places: in your blog, an email blast, social media posts, etc. If you have other ideas as you are writing, keep going!  Now is the time to develop some for use later.


  1. Organize your data

Your database is your secret marketing weapon. Read our last blog about data here.


  1. Prepare for Google Shopping

If you have products that are sold online, you could have images of your products at the top of search results when people Google a product.  If you are not there already, start preparing for that day soon when you will be. Many ecommerce platforms connect directly with the Google Merchant Center and it will require you to add Google product attributes to your products in your online store.


  1. Over-Haul social media

Paid ads on Facebook and Instagram are proven to be the most efficient and targeted way to promote products and services to end consumers. Build up your profiles and posts now and set up campaigns now so they are ready to turn on later. If you need help ensuring your ads will be effective, reach out to us – it’s less expensive than you might think to have a professional in your corner. 


  1. Build up your online reviews

In every industry, getting more good customer reviews are worth your time and effort. Reach out to your best customers and ask them for a testimonial. Better yet, see if they will leave it on Google or a social media platform.


  1. Critique your website

Read over your website to see what’s missing – Good marketing starts with thinking like your target customer. Look over your website – are potential customers getting everything they need: product offering descriptions, reasons to work with you, benefits of your product and why choose you over your competition.


  1. Review your competition

It is always good to understand where you fit in the marketplace. The best way to get a sense of where that is than to review the “marketing” your competitors are employing.  Start with their website, look through their review on google, check out their social media. What strategies can you use to beat them at their own game? If you want to go deeper, we have access to go behind the scenes and understand the competitors digital marketing strategy.


  1. Update your directory search listings

Ensure the key details about your company are correct and consistent across the internet, including being optimized for voice-recognition such as Alexa. We offer a free check-up tool to see your current status of the various directory listings across more than a hundred sites.  Reach out to us through our contact us form.


  1. Set up an email blast system

If you haven’t begun emailing your database yet – you are missing out on a gold-mine opportunity. Sign up for an email blast platform, such as Constant Contact and begin to set up a template and start a conversation with your clients and prospects.


Want even more ideas about what you can do now or help with the ideas above? Reach out to us to start a conversation. We would be happy to help.

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