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Target Ads on Prospect Smartphones

How to Target Ads on Prospects Smartphones


People are glued to their mobile phones now more than ever.  If you think your prospects are using their smartphones – start reaching them there.

Advertising directly to mobile phones has become increasingly sophisticated.  Your ads can appear on the phones in apps like games, news and weather. 


Here are the top five uses for mobile ads currently:

  1. Mobile Conquesting:  Based on an individual’s behavior on-line and off-line, your ads can appear on their phones.

    For example – If you want to reach someone who is health conscious, they will be targeted for your campaign based on places they’ve visited, like an organic grocery store and online purchases they made, such as a home yoga class subscription.


  1. Address Targeting:  If you have a list of addresses you want to target, that includes their address – your ads can appear on the phones for everyone going to that address.

    For example – If you have a large database of homes where you installed equipment and it is time for replacement, your ads can appear on the mobile devices of everyone in those homes – regardless of if you know who lives there now or not.


  1. Competitor Geofencing:  Your prospects shop at a competitor’s location – we can target those customers with your ads on their mobile phone.

    Additional Bonus:  We can find other places those customers tend to go and then find more people who go to those locations and could also be your prospects!


  1. Weather Triggers:  Your ads can appear for your prospects when there is a specific weather condition – forecasted or actual.

    For example – If you want to reach wealthy homeowners when it is sunny and above 80 degrees – or if you want to have your ad show to people living in a certain county when there is a thunderstorm.


  1. Video Mobile:  Most of the above can now also include video ads – so if you have video, we can have your video appear on your prospect’s phones!


Curious what other digital options are available? Click here to see summaries of over 10 options.

If you are interested in learning more about mobile advertising options, let us know.  We are happy to start a discussion and see if this is relevant for your business.

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