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Should I advertise during COVID?

The Three Questions to Answer

The Three Questions to Answer: Should I advertise during COVID?


Many of our clients are asking us: Should we continue our marketing efforts during the “Stay at Home Order” or other variations such as “When should we re-start our marketing efforts”?  We’ve developed the following five question guidelines to consider in how you can answer that question for your business:


1. Is there a need for my product/service?

  • If you feel that you have a product or service that no one can use or purchase during this time, then marketing now would be a waste of money. 
  • Most companies exist because there is a need for their product/service.  There does continue to be a need/desire for the products and services during COVID – but possibly in a different service model.
  • Because consumers and clients may need to view your products and services in a different way during this time, marketing is even more important to help your prospects understand how your products/services will be utilized during this time.
  • Let us know if you are unsure how to communicate with your clients/prospects about the new service model for your business.


2. If someone buys my product or service, do I have the ability to fulfill the order?

Social Distancing BusinessSome companies have shifted their fulfillment model:

For example:

  • Contractors and home services businesses that are providing “virtual consultations” over phones, computer conferences and video chat
  • Restaurants and retail stores offering delivery or curbside pick-up
  • Professional services that are rendered via computer conferences, video chat, files in the cloud and electronic signatures
  • Manufacturers that have added more shifts of fewer workers at a time to increase personal space
  • Facility management companies that have increase their PPE and sterilization procedures to protect their clients and workers
  • Companies taking orders and planning their schedules in advance, so that when they do resume operations, those that ordered during the shut-down are scheduled as priorities for fulfillment

If any of these scenarios can apply to you, and you have the ability to fulfill the product/service immediately or to schedule in the future – communicating with clients and prospects is more important than ever, so they connect the dots on how you can still help them.


3. For Business Owners:  Do I want to continue my business or close?

At first glance, this may sound like a harsh question. However, we have seen business owners who were just tired of pushing through, building the business and weathering the storms. Those businesses have taken this opportunity to shutter their doors and not invest in plans to re-open.

However, if you intend to keep your business going and re-open when you can – you will be at a significant disadvantage if you are not marketing to your prospects and clients during this time.  Your competitors are…we’ve seen businesses in every sector who are active in communicating with their prospects and clients.  Those that are – are separating themselves from the pack. So, where do you want to be?

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