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Marketing Your Business in Our New Reality

Reacting to the new reality of your customers


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Times are changing quickly, and every single business is being impacted.  How are you reacting?  To help you to take actions that will help you now and in the future, we will be creating and sending a series of blogs and emails centered on guiding you with examples. Helping you develop strategies and tactics that can be tailored to your business, no matter how big or small.

What’s the first action you can take right now? Think about your customer and what their new reality is.  Your circumstances as a business have changed, but really, we always need to think about the customer first.  What are the main realities of your customers?  They are unable to travel, trying to figure out how to fill their time, possibly concerned about finances.

How can businesses react?  Work within those parameters, whatever the circumstances.  Here are some examples from our current clients:

  • Doctors and healthcare providers are using telehealth.  Both for continuing care, and for those who are providing elective procedures, to set up initial consultations.
  • Home Service providers are promoting and providing home consultations via video.  A home organizing company is giving advice over video. Several contractors are providing quotes and design advice over video and chat.
  • HVAC companies are concentrating on air cleaning AND making sure systems are working correctly for comfort with all those hours spent at home.
  • An auto repair shop is doing “gloved” pick up and delivery of cars that need service.
  • A Home Decorator is offering coupons for use after the shutdown to the first 50 people who claim them online, helping with social media interaction.

These strategies are not just short term solutions, since realities will change even after things get back to “normal”.  Telehealth, more frequent meeting by video/chat, concern for killing germs and treating your house like a haven will continue long after this emergency period ends.

Is interacting with current and potential clients not an option for your business right now?  We’ll address additional actions all companies should be addressing in the future including –

  • Organizing your systems and streamlining your data
  • Preparing now, when you have extra time, for new ways for your business to promote for when you are up and running
  • Creating content and updating (or creating) your content calendar

Need help or advice for your business? Reach out, we would be happy to start a conversation.

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