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Email Open Rates are Affected

Email Marketing remains a very effective marketing tool and an extremely valuable way to leverage customer and prospect information for businesses.


However, businesses relying on metrics such as email open rate in determine their marketing strategy will need to reconsider how they interpret the information and create new strategies.




Effective since the end of September, Apple has changed their email privacy policy - and the invisible pixels on business emails that are currently used to track email open rates no longer work in the same way.


What is the Impact?


As users select their new privacy settings through apple mail clients, the analytic "Open Rate" no longer accurately reflects which users opened the email. If you have automated email streams, such as "send a reminder email to anyone who did not open this email" or "send this next email in the series two weeks later to anyone who opened the email" these automated streams will no longer work properly and must be updated with new logic.


What can be Done?


The email marketing experts at Marketing MS can review your email programs and recommend an email marketing strategy that will fit your business goals and take these changes into consideration, so your business can continue to grow.


Reach out to us at or 215-262-0419 if you want to schedule a review of your email marketing programs for recommendations on updates.

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