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Planning for a Successful 2016?

As fourth quarter rolls in, many companies begin their plans for 2016.  In order to "hit the ground running" in January, your marketing plans need to be updated now.  Here are 8 actions to take:

  1. Analyze Customers - Where did Top Customers originate in 2015?
  2. Assess Competition - What are they doing now?
  3. Evaluate Marketing Budget - What was the return vs. investment in 2015, and what are the goals for 2016?
  4. Review Resources - What marketing tools and resources are currently available?  What needs to be refreshed for 2016 and what gaps, if any, exist?
  5. Understand Business Strategy - Will the business strategy be changing in 2016?  What are the business goals for 2016?
  6. Identify Tactics - Based on answers above identify the right marketing tactics for 2016.
  7. Build Plan - Add the marketing tactics to the 2016 Marketing Calendar with the costs for each action.  Ensure costs fit within budget parameters.  Slot any resource development or refresh into 2015 as possible.
  8. Add Metrics - Add success hurdles for each tactic.  What is the expected outcome?  If results are below a certain threshold, be prepared to re-allocate.  Similarly, if results exceed expectations, identify if there are alternate sources of funding to leverage the success

Preparing these actions now, in fourth quarter of 2015, will ensure your company won't miss a beat in 2016 and start the year strong.  

Marketing Management Solutions is currently working on 2016 Marketing Calendars for our clients - contact us if you want us to evaluate your marketing plan.


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