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Pay It Forward

Jill Kahlenberg, President of Marketing Management Solutions, recently attended networking day at Dickinson College, her alma matter.  This networking day focuses on helping graduating senior students by giving them the opportunity to practice interviewing skills with critical feedback, attend sessions on careers in their areas of interest, and put their newly acquired networking skills into play.

"It was a great experience to speak to the students and help them launch their career search, reminding me of the importance of maintaining good relationships with all people you encounter.  I encourage each business person to reach out to one student per year to see how they may be able to help that student progress.", Jill Kahlenberg.

Drop us a note to teach us about ways you and your staff assist those entering the workforce.  And if you are searching for a fresh perspective to add to your workforce, let us know and we'll help get the word out.

Click here to learn more about the Dickinson College networking day.  

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