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Marketing Automation Implementation

Are you Wasting Money on Marketing Systems?

What to do about it.

If you are like most businesses, you are only using 10% of the capabilities of your marketing software.  Here are three ways you can get more out of your marketing automation software to improve ROI:


The systems have the capability to automate, report and collect results for a lot of effective marketing strategies.  But strategies and campaigns consistent with the business goals must be developed.

For example, if a business goal is to increase the sales of existing customers – the strategy may be focused on improving customer retention and getting them to buy more products and services.  One campaign might be focused around a customer on-boarding process – a structured series of marketing actions that happen based on the triggers of new customer or customer purchase history.



Consider who is responsible to set up the work flows in the system to ensure the structured series of marketing actions that happen for a campaign are set up properly and working.

Some companies rely on internal staff, who must be trained and have time dedicated to the marketing automation effort.  There is significant technology expertise required to troubleshoot the initial problems that can happen when first setting up a campaign.

Many companies now turn to outside agencies to set up the system to generate the campaigns and monitor success through reporting.  When new ideas are created, they can hand off the implementation to experts.  In this scenario, it is important that the agency and company have a tight relationship – as if the provider is “just one of the team”.


Top Data

We previously covered the cost of bad data (include link here).  The systems and strategies will only be effective with accurate and complete data – Just as a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link – Marketing Automation systems are only as strong as the data. Most successful companies now have periodic data cleansing efforts to ensure the quality of their campaigns and keep top performing ROI’s. You are already investing in marketing software – every small action will improve the return on your investment.

If you are concerned you might not be fully utilizing your marketing automation system, listen to Jill discuss marketing automation system implementations in this podcast:

Reach out to us for an assessment of how to improve the ROI from your marketing software.

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