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Manufacturer Beat Sales Forecast 24 Consecutive Months. How We Helped.

This manufacturer rose from #50 in a crowded market place to in the top 5 amongst their competitors over the course of two years in working with Marketing Management Solutions.  They consistently beat their U.S. sales goals for 24 consecutive months and increased trade show booth traffic by 400%. 

Here is how Marketing Management Solutions helped them. 

The primary objective was to develop a marketing strategy that increased lead generation and supported the sales team by helping prioritize qualified leads.

Since this company was based in the U.K., the marketing approach was not aggressive enough for the U.S. market.  The messaging and approach was updated to go after this large target market.

We began by preparing marketing strategies surrounding their existing database, including cleaning up old data, adding qualified targeted leads, and identifying how best to leverage the database.

At the time, this client was not communicating on a regular basis with the prospects and clients in their database, so we created email marketing campaigns, scored the results and prepared call list for the sales team.  This enabled sales people to call on the most interested leads first, to increase the likelihood the prospect was looking to purchase in the short term.

Before working with us, trade shows were their primary source for qualified leads – to leverage their existing efforts, we implemented marketing tactics surrounding trade shows, resulting in an increase in booth traffic by 400%.

The next phase for this client is to update their web strategy – ensuring they continue to increase their web traffic and conversions into qualified leads for their sales force.

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