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5 Tips for Getting the Most from your Pay Per Click “PPC”

Pay per Click campaigns (PPC) such as Google AdWords are becoming increasingly popular in today’s fast-paced and competitive environment.  We’ve found these campaigns to be of most success for businesses who need to be top of mind when a prospect is researching the product or service.

After reviewing and managing hundreds of PPC campaigns, we put together the following Top 5 Tips for getting the most from a PPC campaign:

  1. Research your Competitors  -  Better PPC results is one more reason we begin our projects with competitive research!   Unearthing the ad words budget for your competitors indicates if there is space for you to spend money as well.  Discovering the keywords prospects are using to find your competitors, you might find valuable keywords for your campaign.  This is a key component to any digital marketing campaign we run or monitor.
  2. Don’t Set it and Forget it – When set up properly, there is valuable data generated from a PPC campaign that can guide you to revise and improve the campaigns iteratively.
  3. Target, Target, did we say Target? – You will get the most from your PPC campaign if it is highly targeted to the type of prospect you want to attract.
  4. Consistent Message – Ensure the message in your PPC ad is consistent with what the prospect will find when they click into the landing page, otherwise you will spend money to attract prospects that won’t find what they are looking for.
  5. Capitalize on Success – As you find success in your PPC campaigns – evaluate what’s next.  There are very sophisticated Digital Marketing campaigns that become very refined.  As our clients have success in the basic pay per click campaigns, we graduate them into the even more successful and refined campaigns

Good luck with your PPC!  If you want a professional review of your existing pay per click campaigns, digital marketing plans or need help building your plans, call us – we might be able to help!

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